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RENEGADE Motorcycle Training's goal is to help riders achieve their goals and have fun doing it. 

Whether your goal is to simply become a safer, more skilled street motorcyclist or to become a top contender at Police/Civilian motorcycle skills competitions, or somewhere in between,  RENEGADE Motorcycle Training has the experience, knowledge and professional instruction you need.

We are committed to helping you learn solid, tested, riding techniques and strategies to meet your goals.

Meet the founder of RENEGADE Motorcycle Training

RENEGADE Motorcycle Training Owner/Instructor Mark Hibshman. Mark's fascination with bicycles, motorcycles, and anything else with wheels began as a young child, growing up in a house full of motorcycles.  He earned his motorcycle endorsement at age 16 and has been on the road continuously since.
In 2010, Mark was introduced  to the MSF  and became a coach himself, moving through the ranks and becoming an experienced  advanced course coach. Since then, Mark has continuously remained busy as an active coach, teaching students of all skill levels many times a  year.
In 2017, Mark was introduced to and entered his first motorcycle rodeo, scoring well. Since then, he has attended some of the top riding schools in the country, trained relentlessly, and traveled around the U.S. and Canada honing his skills as a  motorcycle rider, competitor, and coach. Mark competes in several rodeo events a year and has earned many awards, including  Top Gun.
Mark's skills as a coach  have proven valuable to many riders, including other competitors and private students, as well as to his local law enforcement friends.
Since 2018, Mark has been a member of the Keystone State Motorcycle Skills event committee, contributing creative and challenging patterns and activities that attract riders from all over the world who want to test their skills at the annual event in Gettysburg, Pa.
Mark has spent a lifetime honing his  riding skills and has over twelve years of professional rider instructing experience.

Contact us to find out how Mark can help you achieve YOUR skilled riding goals.

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