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RENEGADE Motorcycle Training is a skill building program that offers training to experienced riders.

Our training can help street motorcycle riders increase their safety margin by increasing their skills, confidence and discipline. We also help competitive and professional skilled riders achieve their performance goals. Our program starts with the basics and builds with increasing levels of challenge, achievement and reward.

  • RENEGADE Motorcycle Training uses only trained experienced professional instructors.

  • Our One Day Street Skills Training Seminar is designed to introduce riders to the techniques needed to ride with skill and confidence at slower speeds as well as the tools needed to stop effectively and to avoid obstacles and hazards at road speed.

  • Our Multi-Day Training Courses are designed for riders with some level of prior slow speed skills training who want to take their training to the next level. Our course format is based on civilian motorcycle skills competition style activities and performance standards.

  • Street and competitive riders can benefit from the increasing challenge offered by our multi-level program. RENEGADE Motorcycle Training can help you take your riding skills to a new level.

  • RENEGADE Motorcycle Training can also provide Personalized Private Skills Training to experienced riders of any level.

  • Contact us if you are unsure which training is right for you.

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